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We Develop Industry Standard Web and Mobile Applications at very AFFORDABLE PRICES.
We will accelerate your growth by giving YOUR BUSINESS access to online exposure and opportunities.


We understand how important it is to have an online visibility in this "INTERNET" ERA,
Hence back in 2011 we came into existence with mission to help small and mid-scale business to gain the very important online presence in AFFORDABLE prices.

Industry Level Expertise

With Experience of over 6 years, We develop Web and Mobile Application with technologies like PHP, JAVASCRIPT, ANGULAR JS, JAVA, PYTHON. For Comprehensive Projects we utilize industry trusted frameworks like CodeIgniter and Django.

Best Design Practices

When we build websites or web application we make sure they are 100% compliant with all leading browser and are fully responsive even to mobile devices, For the mobile application we develop pure native with material design application for the best user interface.

100% Satisfaction

We are known for our Client satisfaction, We won't hand over the product unless we and our client both are satisfied with it, You can mail us at
[email protected]
if you have any queries.


Be it Simple Website Development or a Complex one we have it all covered.

From developing a simple 5 page website to a complex content management system with thousands of modules, We have everything up our sleve. We use fast and reliant Web hosting using our own virtual machines and servers on different platforms to deliver the required performance.

Web Development is an ART and we are proud to be known as Web Artisans.

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Mobile Application Development

Android or IOS, We are known to develop pure native application with cloud connectivity and material design.

Some of our Specialities are :

  • Native apps
  • Hybrid apps
  • Web apps
  • Gaming apps in colab with Psychopath Studios
  • E-Cart apps


“Teamwork: Simply stated, it is less me and more we.”

Shubham Sharma ITenzyme
Shubham Sharma
Web & App Developer
Altair ITenzyme
Altair Irfan
Web Application Developer
OWais Nazeer ITenzyme
Web Developer / Linux Administrator
Omar Iqbal ITenzyme
Omar Iqbal
CEO / Co-Founder
Mir Mohsin ITenzyme
Mir Mohsin
Marketing Intern
Fahad Nazeer ITenzyme
Fahad Nazeer
UI UX Developer
Karunesh ITenzyme
Karunesh Tripathi
Web & App Developer
Zaid Mushtaq ITenzyme
Zaid Mushtaq
Software Designer

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Be among the privleged people and get serviced by our professional team
We Ensure to boost your business presence and sales be it Online or Offline


Server Management & Administration

Want to install a server in your office ? Want an linux expertise to deal with server administration and security ? We have got you covered. With our Linux Expertise we are known to Setup and a full end-to-end server. We have a Team of LPIC's to get it done professionally.

Website Management

Is you website running slow ? Do you need to secure your website from threaths like DDOS and SQL injection ? Are you Victim of Low traffic due to poor website structure ? Well our Website Management Services are well equiped to deal with it all.

Mobile Application Upgradation

Are you loosing Potential Sale opportunity or your Adsense revenue isn't getting you much money, Use one of our Mobile Application Upgradation Service to integrate various SDK's and platforms to boost engagement.

Search Engine Optimization

Is your Website getting low traffic ? Is your website not able to generate enough revenue ? Or maybe you are not getting the amount of organic trafic you Deserve. Our search engine optimization will get you out of trouble, We will ensure you get what your content deserves.

LOGO Design and Branding

Is your Company/Business lacking an Attractive Logo ? Do you want to Re-Brand your Company with new innovative designs ? Our Logo and Branding Services will Provide an innovative Vector Designs of your Brand and Make sure it Catches an eye everytime someone engages.

Game Design and Development

Are you having an innovative idea about game and you think your idea can be a big break and get listed among Angry Birds or Cut the rope, Well you wouldn't be dissapointed with Game Development expertise we have with our colab with guys over at Psychopath Studios

Website Development in Bangalore

We are Located in Bangalore, India. We are in Center of Indian IT Service Industry.

You can Leave us a Message at [email protected] or you can contact us on +91-9880510408,9522607722,9606514765..

Well depending upon the complexity of the project delivery time varies however we are known to produce on time results so you don't need to worry about delay (we compensate if any such thing happens), To track the project milestones and stages we give all clients a username and password which they can use to log in to our Client Portal.

Pricing charts for Hosting

The best price for our own Server Hosting
Servers located in US, Singapore and India.


  • RS 3999/-
  • 1 Year

  • 10 Gb Bandwidth / Month

  • Unlimited Emails

  • Unlimited Database

  • FTP, Shell Access

  • Unlimited Subdomains

  • 2 Domains / Account
  • 24x7 Online Support

  • RS 4999/-
  • 1 Year + 2 months free

  • 30 Gb Bandwidth / Month

  • Unlimited Emails

  • Unlimited Database

  • FTP, Shell Access

  • Unlimited Subdomains

  • 5 Domains / Account
  • CDN Facility Included
  • 24x7 Online/Offline Support Included
  • GOLD

  • RS 5999/-
  • 1 Year + 6 months free

  • Unlimited Bandwidth / Month

  • Unlimited Emails

  • Unlimited Database

  • FTP, Shell Access

  • Unlimited Subdomains

  • Unlimited Domains
  • CDN Facility Included
  • 24x7 Online/Offline Support Included
  • Special Premuim Themes included
  • SSL Certificate Included

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Email us at [email protected].
You can contact us on +91-9880510408, 9522607722, 9606514765.
Address: Bangalore, India 560001.